Welcome to the Caledonia High School website. As the year progresses you will continue to see changes in our website and the amount of information that we will be sharing with our students, parents, and interested public. You will find the Parent/Student Handbook, our school calendar and an athletic/activities calendar, a full listing of staff websites with class information, a syllabus for each course, student assignments, and ways to contact your child's teachers. We will also find some of the forms that you may need to fill out. The "Hot News" button on the left side of the screen will post some of the most urgent news.

Parents and students new to the high school setting will be receiving a password from the school office so that you can gain access to much of your son or daughter's class records. All of the information is web-based and confidential. Students will have their own password so as to access assignments, progress, and attendance also. Be aware, however, that this is a dynamic site and information will change continually as attendance and assessments are recorded throughout the day. If you have specific concerns about grades and attendance, please contact your child's teacher or office personnel by phone or email. If you wish to receive notices through email, please email us so that we can put it on our data base.

Again, thank you for your interest in the Caledonia High School. We appreciate that you have chosen Caledonia High School and we will do our best to make this a positive experience for all. Please continue to work with us to help make this an exceptional setting for students to learn and to mature as solid citizens.

Mrs. Mary Morem, Middle/HighSchool Principal