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Welcome Readers and Writers of All Ages!

Helping all students to become effective, strategic readers who read and write with enthusiasm and purpose is challenging. Teachers need to use a variety of teaching methods, materials and strategies to help students further develop the reading skills they have acquired in elementary school. Diagnostic judgment and instructional practices based on current reading research, and monitoring students' reading development is central to assisting each student show growth in their reading ability.

The field of reading education is undergoing changes at the national, state, and local level. Emphasis on helping readers who are at risk of lagging behind their peers, expanding reading skills and strategy development for readers of all levels of ability, and cultivating literature appreciation is the focus of reading instruction at the middle level.

Content area teachers, parents, and students can form a community to support the continued development of reading, writing and English grammar skills. With constant encouragement and consistent instruction, all students can become an effective and enthusiastic reader and writer.

My education includes a BS in Elementary Education and Library Media Specialist and a Masters in Reading from the University of Wisconsin- LaCrosse.  My teaching career spans 35 years in education, including 5th grade, library specialist, remedial and classroom reading at the middle and high school level. 

Barb Rollins
English 7 and ADSIS Reading 
507-725-3316 Ext. 2107

Schedule ~ 2013-2014

Period 1 8:10 – 9:02 English 7
Period 2 9:06 - 9:58 ADSIS 6
Period 3 10:02 - 10:54 Library Supervision
Lunch  10:58 - 11:28
Period 4 11:28 – 12:20 ADSIS 7
Period 5 12:24 – 1:16 ADSIS HS
Period 6 1:20 – 2:12 ADSIS 8
Period 7 2:16 – 3:08 Prep

Contact: Barb Rollins - English 6 and ADSIS Reading Instruction Gr. 6 - 9