Welcome to 4th Grade!

       Welcome to 4th Grade.  My name is Ms. Meyer and this is my 15th year as a teacher at Caledonia Area Public Schools.  Over that time, I have had the privilege of teaching everything from Kindergarten to working with Seniors in high school.  I strongly believe that by working together we can accomplish great things.  My goal is to help guide every student to become a lifelong learner, celebrate their differences, and have pride in their accomplishments!  

      There are so many exciting things that happen here in 4th grade!  This is the fourth year that Caledonia Area Public School has implemented a 1:1 ipad program beginning in 4th grade.  That's right, every fourth grader has access to their very own ipad!   We also start switching classrooms for Math, Science, and Social Studies.  We are always very busy learning new things in a variety of ways.  

      I'm confident you will enjoy 4th grade just as much as I do!